Irish road bowling, popular in Ireland for over 300 years, is returning to Central New York!

What is Irish Road Bowling?

Part golf, part bocce, part bowling. . . The rules are simple - hurl a small 28 oz. cannonball along a two mile "country road." Players must throw underhanded. Scoring is similar to golf - the least amount of throws needed to complete the course wins. Teams of four will compete against other teams to see who can cross the finish line in the fewest number of throws.

Here's a few bowling terms to get you started...

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The Start: The thrower marks his or her start point with a chalk line and stands behind this line. The thrower's team mates (called the "showers") stand 20-30 yards down the road to mark the desired path of the bowl and alert spectators and other players that the bowl is coming.

The Grip: Players should grip the bowl with the thumb and index and/or middle finger. The bowl should be thrown from the fingers, not from the palm.

The Throw: Experienced bowlers will take a running start and release the bowl at the start line. Novice players find that taking two or three steps is sufficient. The bowl should fly through the air for a few yards before striking the road surface. Don"t cross your chalk line and "break the butt."

The Shot: From wherever the bowl stops "not where it leaves the road surface" where it is taken directly to the nearest point on the road. Mark the ‚ "butt‚" so the next player can throw from that point.

The Finish: After your team's last shot, turn in your score card and clear the way for incoming bullets.

Play Safe and Play Smart - IMPORTANT: Be aware that not all teams play at the same pace. Please respect other teams by waiting your turn. Do not throw your bowl into the team ahead. NEVER throw your bullet to a person's back. If you anticipate playing at a fast pace, feel free to request an early tee time. If you inadvertently throw your bowl in the direction of the team ahead, be sure to yell "Rolling!" or "Clear the way!" or "Faugh a ballagh!"

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Irish Road Bowlers

When & Where

Sunday, March 17, 2024 - subject to change
10:00 am
Shoreline Walking Trail
Onondaga Lake Park, Liverpool NY

Teams will "tee off" from 10:00am-1:30pm and the outdoor fun will continue along the scenic two mile route.

Registration & Start will be at the Saw Mill Creek Shelter. Located in the Willow Bay section of the park.

2024 Helen Windhausen Irish Road Bowling Commemorative Event

Helen always saw opportunities to give. She contributed her time and talents. Out of her dedication, the Irish Road Bowling event became what it is today. Carry on her tradition to play, volunteer, and “Faugh A Ballagh”.


SOLD OUT - Call (315) 453-6712 to be added to the waitlist.

Day of the Event

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Sponsorship opportunities available, contact Joe Ostuni, Friends of Historic Onondaga Lake at

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Volunteers Wanted

For Registration Table and Trail Marshalls.
Contact Friends of Historic Onondaga Lake

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